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We work basically in two aspects, the first is conveyance, the purchase and sale of property, wills, contracts, set up business and many other legal works as tax advisors, and the second is like a lawyers in Court cases, with many different specialties as Civil Law, Criminal Low, cases against the Administration and Mercantile Law.

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Dear clients, the office will be closed from August 15 to 25 inclusive.

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INFORMATION: Our offices in La Zenia are fully open from Monday to Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. +34655696971 +34 96673 00 56



With the Brexit agreement please be sure that you ask for the New Resident Cards !!!! You have time until the end of December 2020 !!! Call us and we will make an appointment for you !!!

your taxes


Remain your taxes in Spain for your property, he we are. We help you, just for 90 ? per year, and much more. Just Solicitors. Call us 0034 966 73 0056.



property tax 2018


Dont forget your property tax on 2018 !!! We remind you that if you own a property in Spain you should prepare your taxes before the end of December. if you are pensionist in Spain remember your taxes must be presentes on 2019.

Non resident tax 2017- Property Tax 2017 in Spain.


Dear friends, once again we remain you that the period to present your non resident tax in Spain ends on December 31st. Register yourself on the web and look out what we can do for you !!! Call or send us an email to "" before December 10th and you will get a beatifull discount if you ask for it!!!!





IMPORTANT Don't forget prepare your non resident tax in Spain before the end of 2016. If you are resident in Spain before July 2017. Login in our web and get a discount in our legal services before the end on current year.



Dear friends, once again we remain you that the period to present you non resident tax in Spain end on December 31st. Register yourself on the web and look out what we can do for you !

Bankia (Spanish Bank)


Bankia Bank have to return all money to the small investors now! The reason: a recent Supreme Court decision. Be aware that you have 3 month term to fill a claim in theirs offices. Important contact with the bank before May 2016 and be aware that you get an receipt of your claim form.

Spanish Tax Form 720


The Spanish tax form 720 under revision. The European Commision is investigating the fines and penalties about the Tax Form 720 that all European residents in Spain must fill it in case they own current accounts or investments out of Spain. Anyone who become tax resident in Spain with overseas assets over 50.000 ? is due to submit the Form 720. This law is aplicated since 2012. The fines and penalties are between 1.500? -30.000?

Christmas holidays


Dear friends and clients we are on holidays until January 9th. We will be please to attend your questions through this email : Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2016!!!!

Profesional Intrusion. Be aware!!


Spanish and European lawyers denounce professional intrusion in tourist areas of the Mediterranean.
A large number of Spanish and lawyers from other countries, mainly European, colleges have reported that in recent months is taking a significant increase in crimes by foreign nationals wrongly advised fraudulent real estate transactions affecting mainly the tourist areas of the Mediterranean.
The College of Orihuela (Alicante) among other professional institutions, has detected a progressive increase in actions carried out by professional assumptions, which offer the provision of legal or legal services, lacking the qualifications required by law, why these activities are communicated immediately to the competent authorities and consular affected the demarcation of the College of Orihuela.
Such practices of legal advice to foreign intruders is done by professionals in most cases using the name of solicitors, advisers, legal asistants, among others. It seems that irregular provision of legal services in areas of Malaga, Marbella, Almeria, Murcia, Alicante and the Balearic Islands.
Remember that Article 9 of the current General Statute of the Spanish Bar states are lawyers who, incorporated into a Spanish Bar Association as practicing and met the necessary requirements, professionally dedicated to consulting, Concord and defense of others, public or private legal interests. It corresponds exclusive title and role of Attorney to be as according to the above definition.
Since Lawyers are reminded that are excluded from this profession, registered as practicing as well as those who despite advertised as used denominations with legal connotations, often in foreign languages do not have the legally required professional capacity to act as lawyers for not being registered as practicing in a Spanish Bar Association, contravening the provisions of Article 403 of the Criminal Code.
The Bar Association of Orihuela has addressed all urging their members to raise awareness of the professional corporation behaviors which violate both state and sectoral and college regulations. All this in order to prevent and correct the anomalous practices and guarantee the rights of citizens.

Judgment of the Court ( Second Chamber) of 3 September 2014 .


Declare that the Kingdom of Spain has failed to fulfill its obligations under Articles 63 TFEU and 40 of the Agreement on the European Economic Area of 2 May 1992 , allowing established differences in the tax treatment of donations and successions among the persons entitled and residents and non-residents in Spain grantees , between residents and non-residents in Spain cause and between donations and similar provisions of immovable property situated in Spanish territory and beyond. Good news for non-resident heirs or grantees who receive money or property located in Spain . From now on there will be no tax discrimination between residents and non-residents in Spain in relation to inheritance tax and donations. Existing deductions from the place where the property is located are allowed. MORE INFORMATION CONTACT US.

non resident tax


Dear friends, if you wish calculate your non resident tax in Spain just clik on or Legal Tax Pack. We offer you the an estimation of your annual tax. Remember that the last day: Next December 31st You will know exactly the tax amount for your property in Spain.

Property Tax


The Association of Tax Advisors and Managers (Asefiget) denounced on Tuesday the \"malpractice\" of municipalities, which leads them to increase the property tax (IBI) on incorrect parameters for the sole purpose of raising more. In a statement, tax consultants indicate that, year after year, municipalities are increasing the value of the land and not the building. Thus, for example, in a building where 150 families live in flats of 140 square meters, which will revaluing \"the price of gold\" is the minimum piece of land that would correspond to each taxpayer of this property if said construction did not exist. In addition, the complaint Asefiget formula used to determine the profit during transmission is considering \"backwards\", so that the value of IBI increase \"exponentially\".



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Non-resident citizens and companies will be able to request their tax ID number (NIF) at Spanish consulates Administrative simplification The Tax Agency and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs sign an agreement to speed up the assignment of Tax Identification Numbers to non-resident citizens without having to go to a Tax Agency\'s office The measure, which is a new step towards the implementation of e-Administration abroad, will start with a pilot test in eight consular offices located in countries with investing potential and a wide economic-financial connection with Spain 15th of October 2013. The Tax Agency (AEAT) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation have signed today an management agreement by virtue of which the Spanish Consular Offices abroad will be able to carry out the on-line assignment of the Tax Identification Number (NIF) to citizens and companies non-resident in Spain that may request it. This new service, which will have a first pilot testing phase in eight consulates and the intention of extending by mid-2014 to other consular offices, will allow non-residents to obtain their Tax ID in a quick and simple way without moving, nor sending a representative, to a Tax Agency\'s office. The agreement, signed today by the Secretary of State for the Treasury, Miguel Ferre, and the under-secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Rafael Mendivil, will have as beneficiaries the non-residents who intend to carry out a tax related operation in Spain, situation in which it is preceptive to use and to state a Spanish Tax ID. Specifically, the facilitation measure affects applicants of NIF types \'L\' (Spanish citizens resident abroad that are not obliged to having a national identity card), \'M\' (persons without the Spanish nationality who temporary or definitely do not have the foreign national\'s identification number - NIE) and \'N\' (non-resident legal persons and organisations, without permanent establishment in Spain). This on-line service in the consulates, which is part of the group of simplification measures to be carried out by the Commission for the Reform of the Public Administration (CORA), will imply advantages for non-residents in terms of comfort and saving compared to the on-site formality alternative, favouring the attraction of foreign investments in Spain. In the first nine months of 2013 more than 15,100 requests of Tax ID numbers types \'L\', \'M\' and \'N\' have been carried out, the Tax IDs of the new system. More than 1,300 of these are registrations of non-resident Spanish citizens, 2,000 of foreign nationals and more of 11,800 correspond with legal persons and foreign organisations. The agreement is set in the reforms programme of the Public Administrations, with regard to the removal of administrative obstacles and the simplification of the communication of individuals and companies with the General State Administration. Pilot tests and procedure From this year and up to 1 July 2014, pilot tests of the new system will be carried out in Spanish consulates in Amsterdam, Brussels, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Lyons, Naples, Oporto and Washington; all of them located in countries with investing potential and a wide economic-financial connection with Spain By the middle of next year the extension of the service to a bigger number of offices will be considered, prior agreement between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Tax Agency,. The procedure, 100% on line, is designed to simplify the documentation that the non-residents must provide as much as possible. In this sense, translations or legalisations will not be required, except for those strictly necessary. In a first moment, the person requesting the Tax ID, or a representative, will go to the corresponding Consular Office providing the necessary data and documentation. Next, an electronic form will be filled in at the consulate and will be automatically sent to the Tax Agency, which, also immediately, will return the authoritative document of obtaining of the Tax ID. After obtaining the identification number, and using a valid electronic signature, the non-resident citizen or company will be able to make tax returns and pay the taxes and rates that correspond in Spain from the country they are in, by entering the Tax Agency\'s electronic office on line. The management of the request and assignment of the Tax ID in the Spanish Consular Offices highlights two of the essential aspects of consular work: act as a bridgehead for the Spanish Administration abroad, giving access to non-residents to administrative services, and also encourage businesses with Spain.



• Only with registered solicitors. • Matters of Spanish legislation in all areas. • We assist you all year by email, telephone or with a pre-arranged appointment in one of our offices. • We prepare your annual income tax as resident or not in Spain. • We will tell you what is the most interesting for you; we inform you about the Spanish personal tax allowance and give to you an estimation of your personal taxable. • Different discounts in whatever trial issues at the Spanish Courts, and many other works or legal claims defending your rights in Spain, discounts in contracts or wills, discounts in inheritance proceeding with the Spanish authorities. • The 1st year you have unlimited legal consultations. From the 2nd year you can have 4 free consultations a year. • The trial fees are no included. • Our Legal & Tax Pack ® is especially designed for private clients. Please ask for details of specially designed packages for businesses.

All In One Solution


We are offering an all in one solution for individuals that are residents or non residents in Spain. Our Legal & Tax Pack offers an all in one solution for our customers to get professional advice and assistance from our fully qualified legal and tax advisors, all for only 78 €

Tax Declarations


As a customer we will look after your tax liabilities in Spain. Whether you are a resident or non-resident our qualified Tax Advisors will prepare your tax declarations, eg wealth tax on your property, income tax on your pensions etc.

Legal Advice


Our service includes free unlimited legal consultations with one of our qualified Solicitors in the first year and 4 free legal consultations from the second year onwards.

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