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Interteam Consulting

We work basically in two aspects, the first is conveyance, the purchase and sale of property, wills, contracts, set up business and many other legal works as tax advisors, and the second is like a lawyers in Court cases, with many different specialties as Civil Law, Criminal Low, cases against the Administration and Mercantile Law.

Legal Tax Pack

Now you can prepare your taxes of your property in Spain if you are no resident. Your annual tax will be paid easily with our aplication. Just fill the form and we tell you how much taxes you should pay for your property.

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Non-Residents Income Tax

Now you can prepare your taxes in Spain if you are non resident. Your annual tax will be paid easily with our aplication. Just chose one our serices now!!

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Spanish Land Registry

Is your property registered? You are in the right place to localize whatever property owner in Spain. Use "Who's?" to find it. Login in our website fill the form so you will get that information from the Spanish Land Registry.

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Dear friends, once again we remain you that the period to present you non resident tax in Spain end on December 31st. Register yourself on the web and look out what we can do for you !

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Bankia (Spanish Bank)


Bankia Bank have to return all money to the small investors now! The reason: a recent Supreme Court decision. Be aware that you have 3 month term to fill a claim in theirs offices. Important contact with the bank before May 2016 and be aware that you get an receipt of your claim form.

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